Victor Tort

personal training services


“I love inspiring my clients to embrace fitness.”

Ever since I was a kid in Puerto Rico, I’ve centered my life around fitness. And I’ve carried this passion with me to the California, where I’ve been a certified personal trainer for 17 years. I create custom training programs for all kinds of clients based on their goals. No matter what your needs, I’ll meet you where you are. And together, we’ll get you to a place where you’re doing more than you ever thought you could.

“It all starts with proper form. Everything flows from that.”

My approach is wholistic, that is, it addresses the whole person. Your work, your play, your entire lifestyle all factor into it. I am here to assess, repair, and train. And I’ll make sure you keep the proper form the whole time. It’s crucial to fix any muscle dysfunction first so your body can move properly. We’ll train your brain and muscle memory so even on your own you default to the proper position and prevent injury.  As your trainer, I will:

   • Show you where to start

   • Keep you accountable

   • Challenge and motivate you

   • Teach you how to exercise on your own

   • Address any specific illness, injury or condition

   • Train you for a specific sport or event

   • Change things up so you don’t get bored

   • Help you get results

“I’m constantly expanding my knowledge and renewing my skills.”