Personal Training

Tailored exercise sessions for individuals and small groups. Focusing on mobility, posture, stability and functional training to achieve better performance in training and everyday activity.

TRX Classes

Massage & Supportive Therapies

A certified TRX instructor, I lead small classes using brand new TRX equipment. This highly effective equipment gives you a full body workout that’s easily customized to your individual level of ability.

I am certified in Parkinson's regeneration training, scoliosis treatment, and neuro kinetic treatment - NKT.  I am a licensed CMT - certfied massage therapist - specializing in treating pain and mobility limitations.


Bright, comfortable space at 1701 North Palm Canyon Drive across Vista Chino from the Arrive Hotel.  Fully equipped for training and TRX.  Bath/changing room with shower.

Ever since I was a kid in Puerto Rico, I’ve centered my life around fitness. And I’ve carried this passion with me to the US, where I’ve been a certified personal trainer for 20 years. I create custom training programs for all kinds of clients based on their goals. No matter what your needs, I’ll meet you where you are. And together, we’ll get you to a place where you’re doing more than you ever thought you could.

TRAIN SMARTER  - all 650 muscles

Your work, your play, and your entire lifestyle factor into the approach that’s best for you. I’m here to assess, repair, and train. And I’ll make sure you keep the proper form the whole time so your body stays in alignment. It’s crucial to assess and fix any muscle dysfunction so your body can move properly. We’ll even train your brain so you default to the proper position and prevent injury.



You have 650 muscles in your body. Let me help you make the most of them.


650   On the Move

1701 North Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, CA  92262

760 - 422 - 7921

Custom Classes

I also offer classes focused on specific issues - balance and stretching - and classes  to improve performance in specific sports, including golf, surfing, and cycling. Contact me to talk about your interests.